Monday, May 27, 2013

Anthropolgie knock off: Petaluma Peep Hem Dress

Have you been following the Knock it Off series at Elegance & Elephants? These series has lots of AMAZING bloggers doing AMAZING knock offs! Seriously, I drool just going through the line up. Well the series is almost over but I wanted share my own little knock off.
Elegance & Elephants

***There is now a free pattern and tutorial to make this dress here***

I went with this Petaluma Peep Hem Dress from Anthropologie. My daughter is crazy about horses, ponies, and unicorns! I knew right away she would adore this dress.

 Anthropologie's peep hem dress = $78
My peep hem dress = $5
Savings = $73!!!

LOVE = 100%

That's right, I was able to make this dress for only $5! These adorable knit prints were purchased from Girl Charlee for only about $4-$5/yard. Since I only used 2/3 of a yard of unicorns and 3/8 yard of polka dots my total cost was only about $5. Awesomesauce!
If you are looking for knit fabrics at a great price Girl Charlee is a great source. They even have their own exclusive prints now, and at prices that can't be beat. Ha, you'd think I work for them. I can't help sounding like an infomercial when I feel something is worth being shared!
Girl Charlee Fabrics

And now it's time to rock out!!!

 This pattern was made using a self-drafted pattern in size 5. 

Thanks for checking it out!


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