Friday, August 23, 2013

Coming full circle...the dress, silly, not me!

So...I have been a very bad blogger of late. Sure, I have been sewing, oh yes, I have been sewing...but...I haven't been sharing. And that's what blogging is all about! I know, how selfish, right? So it goes like this: I allowed my self some R&R, visited some friends, found a long lost brother, then I got sick...or lazy...or maybe both ;) After a short while my sewing machine was calling for me, but the computer was simply mocking me! That is until I made the Full Circle Dress for Kikoi Patterns ...then my heart started to flutter and I just had to share!

I am back, yahoo! So, maybe I did come full circle, so to speak.
But the full circle I really want to talk about today is this dress.
... <3 swoon <3...

I loved this dress from the moment I saw, but watching Keilana enjoy the one I made her just made my day. Just look at her sassy attitude!


 I love this girl! Her birthday is this next week and she will be, gulp, four! I am so doomed! Deep breaths...woooooo...okay, let's talk about the dress.  ;)

This dress is so deceptively quick to sew. Honestly, I think I spent more time making the bias tape than it took me to sew the whole dress together. And that is because i am stubborn and wanted to use every last bit of scrap material, so I was sewing together bias strips that were only about 7 inches long. Ha! But it was so worth it!

The most wonderful thing about this dress is the closure. "What closure?", you say. Exactly! The low scoop in the back allows this baby to slip right buttonholes, no zippers. The bow is sewn over the scoop and holds everything nicely in place. Not to mention the bow ups the cuteness factor exponentially!

The skirt section of the dress is a double layer "full circle". That means no side seams! We are just racking up the points here. But the circle portion really takes it home with the twirliness points! Mmm,hmm!

Oh, there she goes :'( baby girl.
Forgive me if I go through this crisis every year near her birthday. Or, all my kid's birthdays for that matter. They just grow up too quick!

Please. check out this dress and all the other creative designs from Kikoi Patterns - here.
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