About Me

Hi, I am Rebecca. I am the proud mama of three wonderful kids, a pediatric nurse, and sewing addict. My family is my center.

My family:
Ethan - My strong headed, quick thinking, blue eyed boy. He is often found with his head in a book. Though he seems to have inherited most of his father’s genes, I proudly admit he inherited the arts and crafts gene from me. He has always been drawn to babies and young children. Often times he will abandon his own activities to talk to babies, make faces, or help a little one down the slide. My heart swells every time.
Jonas - My stealthy, observational, color changing hazel to green eyed boy. He was nicknamed Jonas the Destroyer as an infant and has held true to the title to this day. He is crazy about science, which may explain why he likes to take things apart. I can’t wait to see what he invents when he starts putting it all back together.
Keilana - My sweet, brave, brown eyed girl. She loves to draw pictures, colors intently, and insists she must have two lullabies sung at bedtime. She loves singing and dancing, but will not hesitate to jump right in the middle of wrestle time. Initially, she tends to be a bit shy, but once she opens up there is no stopping her!
Kale - My quite tall, extremely talented husband. He is a dedicated father, aspiring author, gifted musician, and recording engineer.

Art has been my passion since a very young age, though it has been expressed in many different outlets through the years. I have dabbled in a little bit of everything but really love drawing, photography, scrapbooking, crafting, cooking, making natural bath and beauty items, and, of course, sewing. I taught myself to sew about ten years ago as a way to express my creativity and be frugal at the same time. I was in the Air Force and living off an Airmen's wage. My learning started mostly by trial and error...and lots of reading. I made things for my house and repaired clothes mostly. Eventually I discovered the world of sewing blogs. It was like my whole creative world opened right up!
I moved back to southern Oregon to be near my family when I was pregnant with my first son. I began sewing maternity shirts and baby clothes and quickly fell in love. When my second son was born, and I was in the middle of nursing school, my sewing took a back burner. I became a pediatric nurse and was soon after rewarded with the wonderful gift of a daughter. My sewing inspiration sparked once again! I began making cloth diapers and my sewing addiction was solidified.

I created Rock the Stitch as a way to share the love of sewing. The sewing community is some of the most creative, talented, kind, and generous people I have encountered. My hope is that I can give back as much as has been shared with me. I'd love it if you would join along on my sewing adventures. I love to see what everyone is making!

If you have questions, or would like to share with me, please contact me at RocktheStitch.blog@gmail.com

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