Sunday, October 27, 2013

Debbie's Birthday Dress pattern from Sewpony

The Debbie's Birthday Dress pattern from Sewpony is wonderful! It was inspired by one of Suz's favorite childhood books, Debbie's birthday party. So I think this pattern was destined to be a classic!

*The pattern is on sale! Check the bottom of the post for details ;) *

My little model was rather uncooperative, so please forgive the grumpy pictures.   ; )

Debbie's Birthday Dress is a vintage style sleeveless A-line dress with two main views. View 1 has a separate bodice with trim and view 2 has a center split front, peterpan collar, and pocket. 

There is a simple one button closure with button loop in the back. I made view 1 with a few minor modifications. 

Before I forget, let me tell you that I was able to make this dress in a size 5 from a 1 yard remnant that had pieces already cut out. How sweet is that!

The pocket isn't part of view 1 but I just couldn't resist it. It is fun to mix and match different views!
I also added in some piping along the neckline, bodice bottom, and pocket. 

 I couldn't find my lovely lace trim for the bodice, so I made a pintucked panel instead. The little buttons on the front  play on the pop of red in the panel fabric. 

We decided to fly inside for a hot cocoa break...

...but the Kiki bird landed on the swings instead.
And, what do you know, now she's all smiles!

The Debbie's Birthday Dress pattern has a lined bodice but it was super easy to put together. Suz provided great directions and pictures in the pattern. And I love the way she made the bottom of the dress to keep it from puckering when it is hemmed! Genius, I tell ya!

Thank you Suz SO much for the great pattern! 

***And, heads up readers, the pattern is on sale for just $5 through the end of October!***
  It is available in sewpony Vintage's Etsy shop. You are sure to enjoy it!

And that wraps up my Kids Clothes Week sewing for fall. But I won't let that stop me. I have lots more fun fall sewing in line!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The Norah Tunic

The epic debut pattern from Mouse House Creations has been released! Woohoo! And I am here to show you another version of the the Norah Dress and Tunic; further proof of the awesomeness of this pattern. ;)

This time I made a tunic version in knits! For the body of the tunic I used Michael Miller interlock knit. It is the Mod Dots by Patty Young. <3

I didn't quite have enough of the Mod Dots to make long sleeves, so, on a whim, I added a little flutter sleeve on top to tie it all in. I really love how it all came together!

The collar is a woven cotton. Mixing the two turned out perfectly. Although in the tester group this pattern turned out awesomely whether it was made from all wovens, all knits, or a mix of the two. It is truly very versatile!

 The length of the tunic is just right for an active girl. It hits right at her lower hips. That makes it long enough not to ride as she is moving around and still covers everything when she actually sits down too.

 The A-line body is also great for allowing movement and play.

Do you love it yet? Head over to Welcome to the Mouse House for more testers versions. And find out where you can pick up a copy of the pattern. With so Many options it is sure not to disappoint!

No reason to be upset; the Norah Dress and Tunic Pattern is on sale until Tuesday night! So head over and check out all the details now! You are gonna Love it!

Monday, October 21, 2013

The Sunki becomes a modern Go Go Girl Dress

So...I may have been a bit inspired by the Era Challenge on Project Sewn.

For my Sunki Dress pattern flip I incorporated 60's inspired details.

I have created a sort of modern Go Go Girl dress. *Love*
And, of course, who can have a 60's inspired dress without a wide headband scarf? For more details on the headband, and a free pattern and tutorial, see my post here.  ;)

This dress was SO fun to create! 
I started with this retro inspired floral print. Then I busted out some of my vintage notions. The zipper has a copyright date of 1963. I couldn't find a date on the piping but did you see the price printed on the label? 19 cents! Man, how things have changed!

The zipper was perfect...except for the metal teeth. So an exposed zipper it became! I attached it much like you would an invisible zipper, but in reverse. This way the metal teeth don't touch the skin. It also gave my retro dress a modern touch.

The piping was used along the side panel/ pocket, along the neckline, and on the headband.

For the pattern modifications I did away with the lapped shoulders and gave the dress a nice boatneck.

I made 3/4 sleeves with a slight bell. The pleated shoulders were a must keep though!

I also gave the pockets a little gathering and added a little flair to the skirt.

And, because who can resist dancing in a dress like this?...

 Just for fun :)

Flip This Pattern

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Headband Scarf - free pattern and tutorial

Today I am sharing a fun and quick little project. It is a definite essential for all the fashionable little ladies; a headband scarf. It can be made with just one fat quarter. And best of all the pattern and tutorial is free! 

***The pattern is available for download here.***
It includes fabric requirements and written instructions. For the picture tutorial follow along below.

Psst!!! Like this dress? Come back tomorrow for the details! ;)
*Update: Check out the dress here!

Child Size

Headband Scarf 

 *all seam allowances are 3/8”*
Materials required
1/4 yard fabric or fat quarter                  sewing machine
matching thread                                      scissors
6 inches of elastic (1/2” -1” wide)         chalk or marker to trace pattern

Printing and Cutting
1. Print pattern pieces at 100% (no scaling). Cut pattern pieces as marked. Tape together
upper tie and lower tie pieces at red dashed line.

2. Cut 2 headband pieces from fabric on fold. Cut 4 tie pieces from fabric; two of these
should be mirror images of the other two.

*tip: Finger pressing your headband pieces on the center fold will make it easier to align centers when ready to sew and will easily iron out.*

Optional piping: Align raw edge of piping along long raw edges of headband. Taper piping out at ends. Baste close to piping.

1. Align one short end of tie with one short end of headband with right sides together
(RST). Pin and stitch. Repeat for other end of same headband piece.

2. Now for the other side, align one short end of tie with one short end of tie RST. Pin and
BASTE. Repeat for other end of same headband piece.

3. Press seams toward headband on both sides of each piece.

4. Lay one headband piece over the top of the other with RST and align all edges. Pin in

5. Sew around entire headband leaving a 2” opening along one straight edge as marked.
*make sure to back stitch at beginning and end*

6. Clip corners. Turn right side out through the opening, pushing corners out.

7. Press well, folding edges of opening in.

8. Topstitch 1/8” from edge around entire headband.

9. Remove basting stitches along inside short edge (from step 2).
*tip: If you can't remember which side was basted put one thumb on each side of seam. Push thumbs out away from seam putting just a little stress on the seam. You should now be able to see your stitches. Your basting stitches will be farther apart on the side you basted.*

10. Insert one end of elastic into each opening, creating a continuous circle with headband,
and pin.

11. Topstitch back and forth across elastic (1/4” from opening) to secure.

*tip: I recommend leaving one side of the elastic basted and trying it on your child before securing. Then you can easily adjust elastic to fit your child properly.*

*Optionally, you may create a casing for your elastic. To do this you will cut a rectangle
from fabric that is double your elastic width plus seam allowance by 9” long. Sew long
raw edges with RST. Turn tube right side out and thread elastic through. When sewing
into headband align end of elastic with raw short edge of fabric casing on both sides.
All done! Hooray!

And, because children have a myriad of emotions...

And I love everyone of them!!! <3