Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The Nessie Top from CINO

I recently had the awesome opportunity to test the Nessie top pattern from Craftiness Is Not Optional. I think it pretty much goes without saying that the pattern is simply wonderful!

I am a long time follower of Craftiness Is Not Optional and I just LOVE all of Jess's designs! (I think my heart may have skipped a beat when I signed up to test!) Naturally, the Nessie top became an instant favorite.

 And...what should a girl pair with a red shirt with lace color blocking? Why, leopard print jeggings, of course!

The Nessie top has a hi-lo hem and comes with three different sleeve lengths - short, 3/4, and long. It also has color-blocking and peter pan collar options. For this red shirt I used stretch lace with the color block option and backed it with a creamy white jersey. The lace backing doesn't show through much but was done mostly for comfort.

Can I share a dirty little secret?...I have been a bit slow to catch on to the hi-lo hem craze. I might just be a new hi-lo fan club member though. On the Nessie top it totally works and I love it! The two main reasons why it sold me is 1) the hi-lo hem gently tapers, and 2) a girl can play, ^^^or climb all over a rock^^^, without worries of skin peeping out. Not that I have anything against plumbers ;)

For my second Nessie top I used a jersey weight cotton thermal knit in this pretty flower doodle print. I chose a 3/4 sleeve option to mix things up a bit. I may just love this one more than the first. They are just fun and quick to make!

 Since I am sharing secrets today I will admit that I made a size 5 when I should have made a size 6. Oh, yeah; I forget how fast she is growing! I have also been fighting some icky bug germs going around for a while now and my brain just isn't functioning at full capacity for the moment. Ugh. 

Actually, I think it worked out pretty well though. Winter weather is already hitting here in southern Oregon, so these shirts will likely be used as a base layer rather than stand alone tees. They are pretty awesome either way!

 Yep, completely awesome!
Okay, enough tooting about the Nessie top...just go buy it already!

Thank you so much for letting me test, Jess!

^^^Scenes from our end of photo shoot backyard chase^^^

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