Friday, September 19, 2014

the Marc Shirt - a pattern test

Those of you who are familiar with the pattern designer Filles a Maman may be scratching your heads right now - "Didn't the Marc Shirt pattern release months ago?" Well, yes, but somehow I never blogged about my pattern test. That surprises me though, because it was swoon at first sight with this handsome guy... the pattern that is. Of course I think the model is handsome too, but being his mom may make me a little bias ;)

Obviously this post is loooong overdue! So let me tell you about the Marc Shirt now.

As you can see the pattern features this great asymmetrical collar and button placket. It was what first caught my attention with this design. I love it! These simple and unique features are a trademark for patterns by Filles a Maman. And yes, I said simple. There is no reason to be scared of collars and plackets. The way this one attaches along the shoulder line makes it much easier to install than the traditional designs.

The pattern uses both knits and woven. The collar and shoulder accents are both from woven fabric. I took the opportunity to use more of this yummy gray chambray. Then I paired it with a super cool lightning bolt cotton jersey fabric. 

(Let me throw in this disclaimer here - I could not get him to change those shorts for these pictures. I even tried bribery. Ugh!)

The facings across the bottom hem and inside of the collar can be made with woven or knit fabric. I used the gray chambray in mine, but when I make this shirt again I will probably use knits. I know knits like to slide around more but I think it would flex with his body more too. As you can see across the back, along the bottom of the collar facing, the knit is flexing but the facing isn't. No big deal, but it might be prevented.

 Another awesome thing about this pattern is the size range. It goes from 12 months all the way up to a 14. And the keen eye may have noticed that the picture above is a different model. My boys are only 18 months apart in age and their sizes overlap a little. They are getting so big though that many indie patterns aren't made big enough for them anymore. So I get really excited when I see a pattern that goes to a 14!

My younger son was a little ambivalent about this shirt when he first saw it. But after wearing it I think it is safe to say he loves it as much as I do.

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