Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Trinity Tee pattern release

I am SO excited to have released my latest pattern: the Trinity Tee. 
From Start to finish this has been such a fun pattern. 

Before I get carried away telling you about it, let me give you the link to pattern in my Etsy Shop - HERE.
All week long you can save 20% on all patterns by using the code "Trinity" at checkout.

The Trinity Tee is a swing tee pattern with a hi-lo hem and gathers at the front shoulder line. 

But let's not forget about what makes it special - that triangular accent panel. The accent panel can be made with woven or knit fabrics. This expands the possibilities with this shirt exponentially! The shirt seen here in these pictures has a woven accent panel. 
The other thing that accent panel does is allow for no side seams. Yep, you heard right; no side seams! Pretty cool, huh?

Now that we are seeing the design of the shirt let's talk options. The different options really let you make this shirt your own. There are 3 sleeve lengths: short, three-quarter, and long. The three-quarter and long sleeves are finished with a cuff, but the short sleeve has a binding. The short sleeve binding, the neck binding, and the hem facing can all be made with either knit or woven fabrics. Additionally they can be sewn to be visible from the outside and invisible from the outside. The tutorial goes into detail on how to achieve each look. 

And let's not forget the zipper option! The tutorial will guide you through a really easy  cheater's method of sewing an exposed zipper. This method is ideal for showing off those fancy fashion zippers. In the picture below you can see I used a pretty lace zipper. But if you don't care for exposed zippers there is a note on how to sew a more traditional zipper too ;)

Let's take another look at all those options. Here are some pictures from my awesome testers.


I wish I could show you all the tester pictures, but I don't want your computer to crash from trying to load them all!
So....Maybe just one more; from me ;)
Thanks for checking it out! I hope you love this shirt as much as I do.

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