Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The Play Pants from Kikoi Patterns

The beautiful early fall weather lasted longer than expected this year. Warm, sunny days; cold crisp nights; leaves falling all around in a multitude of colors - It was wondeful! Then BAM! The cold, dreary days of autumn took over and seem to be holding the sun hostage. Bleh! That is when I quickly realized I have almost no pants that fit my little bean sprout anymore...Play Pants to the rescue!

These pants were a great fix for my problem of unpreparedness. The Play Pants is a newly released pattern from Kikoi Patterns. It is an easy sew pattern, in sizes 2 - 9 years, made for knit fabrics.

Keilana most often wears a size 5 but she is growing faster than I can keep up with (as if this post wasn't already proof of that). So I chose to make a size 6 for these. 

I made them from some super soft hemp and organic cotton blend french terry. It is so soft actually that I wonder if there is some bamboo in it. I have had it forever and honestly don't remember the exact fiber content. It also has a lovely weight, which is why I chose to use it. It is kinda heavy, but not too thick, so it isn't bulky.

Another bonus - I was able to use up some tiny knit scraps that I had no idea what I was going to use for. Keilana likes to look in the pocket to see what desserts she can find on the fabric. Fun! :)

These are super quick and very easy to sew up. I generally use my serger with knits even though I know it won't fray. I just like the serged finish. But I actually made these entire pants without touching my serger once. This fabric presses nicely so I had no problem.

The pattern has a nice straight leg that isn't too wide nor too narrow. 

The waist is encased elastic....quick and easy!

As the name implies, these are a great play pant - quick to sew up and allow for comfort and movement. I have my doubts as to whether the off white color will last long, but I have some dye in my crafty mama arsenal if they don't. Ha!

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