Wednesday, November 6, 2013

I Made It: the Jarvis Top

I was looong overdue for some boy sewing. So, when I was asked to sew up the Jarvis Top I was super excited to oblige. In fact, I made two!

The Jarvis Top was just released, along with the Ryder Trousers, and is on sale for 25% 'til Thursday at midnight (PST). The sale is for all the patterns in Made It's Craftsy store, woohoo! How I wish I could make them all...perhaps in time ;)

What stood out to me right away about the Jarvis Top was the clean lines and the modern look. It was love at first sight!  Made It Patterns is definitely a fashion forward designer!

The pattern can be made with short or long sleeves. I couldn't decide, so for Jonas I kinda made both. I cut the guitar print to a short sleeve length. The black fabric I cut at the cut from one inch above the short sleeve mark down to the wrist. Then I just sewed them up together to make a faux layered look. Both fabrics are a cotton interlock knit.

I was sold on the Jarvis Top right away with the asymmetrical yoke. The front of the shirt is all one piece with the yoke and button placket inserted. I have to admit, I wasn't sure how nicely I would be able to pull this off, but the instructions were very clear. And, well, you be the judge...

Do you love it as much as I do?! The yoke and collar lines are clean and yummy, just like the photo in the pattern. I love the technique the pattern follows to achieve this look. It is easier than you'd think!

However, photographing these two boys together...not so easy! See the look on their face in the photo above? I am not even going to show you the series of photos that ensued after this one! Bah, brothers...

They are so cute! But when I ask Jonas to put his arm around Ethan and pretend they are friends the following picture resulted.

That is SO not what I meant by "put your arm around him"!

For Ethan's shirt I played around with the pattern a bit more. 

 Ethan is on the upper end of the size range (2-10 year), but instead of trying to make it wider for his thick chest I went with the slimmer look instead. It goes well with the modern feel. And he just loves it! He was begging to wear it to school today. (Hooray for the win!)

 I split the front of the shirt and made part with a guitar print and part in a solid red. Then I made the long sleeves from the same red fabric. Both of these are a cotton jersey blend fabric. Actually, the gray yoke and collar is a cotton jersey blend too on this one.

This is an intermediate level pattern. To make it you must have knowledge of sewing with knits and be able to sew button holes. Don't let the yoke and placket keep you away. Even if you have never made them before I feel you should be able to follow along with the well written directions.

^^^ That was alittle spy action for you! ^^^ :)

Okay, back to the pattern. I was able to print the pattern up without problem. Taping it together was almost effortless! Seriously, the lines matched up perfectly. You have to love when this happens! And the fit is great. I would definitely recommend this pattern to anyone who has a boy in the size range.

These last photos are just for fun! I am just so happy the shoot worked out today.

I love these boys...even when they attempt to corrupt the pictures with obnoxious looks. Ha!

Thanks for stopping by today!

Please check out Made It Patterns on Facebook and Craftsy! I look forward to seeing more of these awesome patterns!

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