Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Girls Basic Leggings - free pattern!

I love my daughter's girly style, but this time of year dresses alone just aren't warm enough. So I drafted up a quick pair of leggings. 

*scroll down for tutorial and pattern*

I kinda think they turned out lovely! And since they were so quick to make I decided to make two more. That makes three far  :)

This was the first pair. A lovely poly spandex blend with a silvery lace print was used to make these. They are fun. I could never pull something like this off on myself, so I will live vicariously through my daughter ;)

I kinda think they look sweet with this Norah Dress. It is hard to see in these pictures, but the leggings and the satin both have a little sheen. It contrasts beautifully with the linen blend used on the main body of the dress. [see my Norah Dress post here]

These were the next two I made. The first is from a fun zebra print jeggings fabric. The next pair was made from sweater fabric with a high lycra content...does that qualify these as swants?

So here is the fun part... I am sharing my pattern with YOU! It is available for download in size 6.
*Download pattern here*

*update: Here is a layout of the pattern; in case it helps when when printing and taping it together.

Somehow I managed to make three pairs of leggings without taking one darn picture. So, since I am working on learning Adobe illustrator, I figured I would whip out some quick sketches for the tutorial instead. Ha...ha, ha, ha...HA!!! These were not so quick to whip out. Maybe someday they will be for me, but I could have made at least another three pairs of leggings in the time it took me to make these sketches. Oh, c'est la vie! It was good practice at least.
With that being said, it is going to take a little bit of imagination when viewing this tutorial. Pretend with me that you see no mistakes at all, okay? ;) I included a yoga waistband option in the pattern download but did not include it in my tutorial. But if you have any questions at all please feel free to contact me.  :)

Pretend that the inseam in these pictures is sewn together with a serged seam...or a narrow zig-zag.

***CORRECTION: fold ankle hem up 1/2" to wrong side, press and repeat; folding up 1/2" again.***

The underside of a double needle stitch will have a zig-zag between the two lines of stitching. We will pretend that is what it looks like in my sketch too ;)

Whew! that was a lot of work for a simple tutorial. LOL. The things you do for love (the love of sewing, that is!). I hope you've enjoyed it!

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