Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Shades of Me: color inspiration

You may have heard the buzz about Shades of Me: The Color Series coming next month. It is an awesome new series from Celina at Petit a Petit & Family and Hayley at Welcome to the Mouse House. They have set out a challenge to sew for ourselves...using color as your inspiration! It is going to be so great!!!

But...wait...I don't usually sew for myself. And how did I end up with the assigned color of pink?...I am not really sure. I would not consider myself a girly girl in the modern sense. I am much more earthy. So how am I going to pull of the color pink; from head to toe!? Hmmm, well it will be a challenge that is for sure!
Ever since I signed up TONS of pattern ideas have been flying through my head. Honestly, the patterns are the easy part (I will probably be eating my words here when I try to properly fit a garment to myself); it is the color that is giving me designer's block. So....I set out to find a little color inspiration in the world around me. I own almost nothing pink. However, I live in a kid's world, and my daughter loves pink! In fact, I distinctly remember her throwing a fit during a photo shoot and saying, "But there's no PINK!". LOL. It is quite refreshing actually; after having two boy boys. :)

The color is all around me. I just had to open my eyes and see.

Once I started really looking, I also saw how many opportunities the color pink presented.

Are you feeling it!?
Here's to the brave, new, colorful me!...coming soon ;)

And check out that saweeet lineup of bloggers participating! Did I forget to mention that there is a sew-along...and a giveaway...and a Pinterest board? You really MUST check out Celina and Hayley's blogs to get all the fun details! Mark your calendars.

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