Saturday, February 15, 2014

Sew in Tune: My Name is Jonas!

I am super-dee-duper exticed to be participating in this season's Sew in Tune series; a series where bloggers sew a music inspired outfit. The series is hosted by Stacey from Boy, Oh Boy, Oh Boy Crafts and Designs and Mellisa from Melly Sews. Each participant picks a song. I chose "My Name is Jonas" by Weezer; the first song on their self titled debut album (also referred to as "the Blue Album").

I had no luck trying to find an official music video for this song. So what do you do when you have no video to choose an outfit from to sew? You make Blue...I mean due.  :)

I did find this; so at least you can have something to rock out to while you read on!

As you can see here the album cover fashion leaves much to desire. So why did I choose this song? Well, because this little guy really is named Jonas...and he really like to "make noise"! Some say this song is about the book "The Giver", who's main character was named Jonas. My little man was not named after the song or the book, but I do consider both to be EPIC!

I had to make more of an "inspired by" look. When I think of Weezer style I think preppy hipster; I think dorky; I think one of the bands that made being Nerdy totally cool! I think of common styles seen by the lead singer Rivers Cuomo; track jackets and ringer tees. So that is what I made. But I like to think I did more than just make do...I made it my own.

I started with the Charlie Tee by Fishsticks Designs. First, I made it ringer tee style. Then I designed this graphic on the front. My husband recorded Jonas saying, "My name is Jonas", then sent me an image of the sound wave. I couldn't fit the entire thing on a T-shirt, so the sound wave you see at the top of the graphic just says "Jonas".  Then I took my favorite line from the song and a picture of our drumset and made them all into a cool design.  In case you have a boy who might enjoy something like this, I have a free printable for you. Just print it out on a T-shirt transfer for instant awesomeness!!! (But don't forget to select the "transfer paper" setting on your printer before printing. If you don't have this setting then you can just reverse the design.

I also added a zippered welt pocket with eyelets that allow my boy to carry his Ipod in the pocket, all safely zipped inside, and still have the headphones in. He LOVES this!

Next, I carried my sound wave design down to the pants. These are made from none other than the Small Fry Skinny Jeans from Titchy Threads. If you are looking for a skinny jeans pattern this is the ONE! It is definitely one of the most comprehensive and well put together PDFs I have seen. It's A.MA.ZING, for real!

And lastly I made a track jacket designed to let this boy rock out. It has lots of hidden pockets, as well as an opening for the headphones to slip through...all while the Ipod remains securely in the T-shirt's zippered pocket :) Inside the jacket is an exclusive print Lycra blend cotton jersey that has sayings including "I love music", "I love sound", and "I love beats". I thought it was pretty fitting. 
This jacket is a design I have had in my head for a while, so it was so fun to make it come to a reality!!!

Okay, enough about the clothes. Time to rock on!

Please stop by Stacey and Melissa's blogs to see all the other rockin' things sewn for this season's Sew in Tune!

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