Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Shades of Me: Pink

I am excited to be a part of the Shades of Me sewing series hosted by the two wonderful, and amazing, women Celina of Petit a Petit & Family and Hayley of Welcome to the Mouse House. In this series we are challenged to sew for ourselves in a given shade. Today I am sharing my shade: PINK!

Pink wouldn't generally be a color I would first gravitate to, so this was a challenge for sure! However, I found this linen fabric with a large, mostly monochromatic, floral print. This set the stage for my color palette with colors from a light rose, to fuscia, to berry wine, and ,of course, gold. Okay, I know gold isn't pink at all but a girl has got to have a little bling, right?

This dress started with a Lisette pattern. I picked it because according to the measurements it would fit nearly perfectly without alterations...hahaha, HA! Oh, that was a hopeless endeavor! Let me tell you now that it was no small task to achieve breast/abdomen separation... "Say no to the uniBLOB".

 I also altered the pattern to add side pleats, make the skirt more full, adjust the sleeves, and add a full lining. It was suicide I tell ya! But I do love the end result because it is uber comfortable.

I then sewed up a Scarf Neck Cardigan from Swoon Sewing Patterns. Though this pattern really is perfectly awesome the way it is, I decided to change it up a little. I changed the bottom hem slightly, added a cuff the sleeve, and a lace panel on the back.

Check the lace, mmm hmm! Such a fun girly detail :)
Oh, and I also made the earrings to match. Ya, I am not going pink without going ALL THE WAY!

On that note, I simply couldn't resist making another Coraline Clutch. I love this pattern (also from Swoon Sewing Patterns). Again I made it in the large size. What can I say, I like big bags and I cannot lie. Bags...I said BAGS, sorry Sir Mix-a-Lot.

The blue nail polish is totally unfitting, I know. But my daughter runs a beauty salon sometimes and simply insists that I must come to get my nails painted. Who can argue with an adorable four year old?

Thank you Celina and Hayley for letting join in on this AWESOME series. I have had so much fun checking out all the neat ways the color series is being interpreted.  You all must go look at all the fabulous and inspirational looks being made. And, while you're at it, here's a chance to enter the GINOURMOUS giveaway if you haven't already ;)

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