Thursday, March 31, 2016

An Easter Eleena Dress

I made my daughter an Eleena Dress for Easter. I love, LOVE, how it turned out! It just might be my new favorite. 

You won't see any Easter baskets in this post, however. Not because I didn't want one in the picture but because these pictures were taken after the fact. On Easter the weather was a bit chilly and I was caught up the, cleaning, helping the Easter Bunny, etc. I did manage to get a video of the of the big egg hunt though. Yay me! I am going to be happy with myself for all that I did get done, and not be upset over the things I didn't get done. It was a great day with my family and that's what matters.

Keilana picked out this beautiful vintage looking fabric designed by Gertie. It looks lovely with the vintage design of the Eleena Dress. What a great pick! I've got a fashionista in training right here.

I only made two small modifications to the pattern; I added piping to the collar and sleeves and I used a pretty lace zipper instead of an invisible zipper. I didn't have a coordinating invisible zipper on hand but I have quite a few of the lace zippers, so why not, right? They are so pretty!
Actually, I didn't any coordinating piping either, so I made some. But I was all out of cording, so I used cotton yarn. I worked surprisingly well for the look I was going for. It is smaller than standard piping, and kinda flattened out a little. But I love the subtlety; it's perfect.

And for all the girly girls, this dress has got some great twirl factor. 

If you love this dress as much as I do then you can find it Coffee & Thread.

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