Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The fantastic Fedora Hat pattern by E&E

Elegance & Elephants is having a blog tour this week for the Fedora Hat pattern. Since I already had this pattern all cut out when I heard about the tour I figured it was the perfect time to move it out of the ever growing UFO pile (UnFinished Objects). I am not cool enough to actually be in the tour, but a girl can dream, right?

I used the good 'ol houndstooth again. It is a nice stiff bottomweight and lent itself nicely to this pattern. This fabric very versatile indeed (Remember the purse I made with it? And the two vests?). I do hope you aren't sick of seeing it already, because I am not done with it yet...  ;)

This pattern was fun to make. It came together rather easily too. I did have to do a little shaping with the brim. Nothing a good steam iron couldn't handle though. I simply steamed it up good, then molded it the shape I wanted and let it cool. It is interfaced with Pellon Craft Fuse, which I have grown to love! I think I am going to need to start buying in by the bolt.

When my son saw me sewing it up he knew what it was going to be right away. Then came the "Who are you making this for?", "I want it!", and "Who does this look better on: me or Jonas?". He was super excited about it to say the least. But when picture time came I got this look...

I really wasn't sure if he decided he didn't like it after all or if he was giving me a solemn modeling look on purpose. But then it was followed by this...

And this...

Yes, that is a good sign. Ha! He definitely likes it!

Head over to Elegance & Elephants to check out all the fedoras on the tour. And, while you're at it, pick up this awesome pattern for 15% off using the code FEDORA15. But it is only on sale until the 27th! Find it here - http://bit.ly/181m693

Hooray for awesomeness!!!

Thanks for stopping by :)

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