Saturday, September 28, 2013

Scarf Neck Cardigan

I did it (nervous smile)! I set aside my fear of being in front of the lens and stepped in front of the camera. I guess its kinda hard to participate in Selfish Sewing Week without doing so ;)  And it is all thanks to this fabulous new pattern by Paco Bean: the Scarf Neck Cardigan.

I still have a hard time believing that this is the first clothing pattern by Paco Bean. It is PERFECT! I love every detail from the scarf neck, to the princess seams, to the relaxed fit. I don't think I could improve it if I tried...those who know me know I like to modify and personalize the patterns I sew.

I used this yummy white hemp blend slub knit. It is so soft that it is almost buttery! *Love* <3

I think I need to work on my modeling a bit though! Hehe 0_o

I am not quite sure what that look is on my face but I like how this picture shows the profile of the cardigan. It has a fun asymmetrical bottom hem...which I chose to leave unhemmed. Since it is made with knit it doesn't need to be hemmed; and I really like the rolled edges of unhemmed garments.

I did, however, hem the arms. For more of a cuffed look I folded the bottom of the arm up 1.5" then stitched with a twin needle. Maybe I have short arms, IDK, but it turned out just as I was hoping.

My first attempt at this cardigan was this gray one. I made it a little too big, but I love this knit too much to scrap it. It is hard to see but this is made from a tissue weight jersey blend with a beautiful flower texture. It makes a perfect layering garment!

Aahhh, here I am soaking up the beautiful Autumn sun here in southern Oregon.

For this cardigan I cut the sleeves at the half sleeve mark then added a cuff. The sleeves are pushed up a little here, but adding the cuff makes a perfect 3/4 sleeve length.

I have much enjoyed seeing everyone's Selfish Sewing this week. And I am happy to have made something for myself for a change. I generally only sew for others, but making something for myself was quite rewarding. Thank you for giving me the push I needed to step in front of the camera Rachael, from Imagine Gnats, and Jill, from Made with Moxie! I will try not to be so shy in the future ;)