Thursday, October 30, 2014

Another Triforce Tee

I know that I said I wasn't going to keep he name "Triforce Tee" for this pattern, but its kinda growing on me. *Disclaimer: Opinions are subject to change without notice* :) 
Here is a quick little show off of my latest Triforce Tee.

If you follow me on Facebook you may be wondering if this is the shirt my serger ate. Yes, it is. I was able to save it from the carnage without losing much more than some length. Hooray! ...Now if only I was so apt at posting on time. Haha, procrastination comes to me naturally. 

The exciting thing about this version is that the center panel is made with woven fabric. So I think it is safe to say the Triforce Tee can be knits or a combination of knits and woven. Of course, I am also dreaming up a version made with all wovens, but that one has yet to be tested. 
You may have also noticed the sleeve length. This one has a 3/4 length sleeve, because you know I love them so...and winter is coming! Forgive me for channeling House Stark, but the longer sleeves are just sensible this time of year in the northern hemisphere. However, the tee can also be made with short or long sleeves. 

So many possibilities here! Are you excited yet?

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