Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Let's have a SALE!

I am trying out an e-shop for my patterns. Right now it is called Designs by Rock the Stitch (creative, huh?) and can be found on the Pattern Shop tab at the top of the page. 

It is a very simple shop at this point in time. This is just an interim look until I can make it all pretty. I am trying it out on the free version before I make any big commitments. There are just two categories. I have some of free patterns as well as my Fawn Lily in the shop. My thought was that it might be easier to pick up the free patterns if they were right there in the same spot as the rest of the patterns.

One of the nice features is that you can make an account, and all your purchases will be kept track of on your account, or you can check out as a guest.  Easy peasy. Your shopping bag pops up there in the corner so you can keep "shopping" without having to jump back and forth between screens.
Also, you can favorite the items you like best, or even share them on social media sites. That's kinda cool. 
The shop is also on my Facebook page in the new "products" tab. So if you happen to be visiting Rock the Stitch on Facebook and am so impressed you just want to buy my pattern right there, well, now you can! Hahaha! I know, it probably happens all.the.time. right?  ;)

So, before I commit, I would like to get some opinions about the shop. Which means SALE TIME! The Fawn Lily will be on sale for $6 - that's 30% OFF - until tomorrow night. 
Here is where it gets better; submit a review, or shoot me an email telling me your thoughts about the shop, and I will send you a coupon code for my next pattern.

I appreciate any feedback you'd like to give me!

 My new pattern is in the works right now! Keep an eye out for a little preview soon. Actually, you've already seen it, but I will be showing you the fun, unique details! 

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