Friday, May 3, 2013

Battle wounds and bias tape

What do the two have in common? Nothing really...except that they are both on my mind today. But it does have a nice ring to it :)
Who ever said sewing wasn't a dangerous sport? 

I got this beauty here late one night while I was digging trenches. The enemy stood before me breathing fire so hot that it seared my flesh! 
Translation: I was burned by my iron while trying to sew at 3 in the morning. Doh! That's gonna leave a scar. Despite my best efforts to minimize damage, the scab came off in the shower today leaving my arm looking like this :( 
This was not my first battle wound. I have a nice Rowenta that I tend to push to the limits. And I swear my sewing machine must have magic powers...the ability to bend time. The kids go to bed, I get sewing, and next thing I know its 3:00am! Bam! Just like that. I don't realize how tired I am until it's too late.
One time my pins cloaked themselves and leashed an attack. They broke through my defenses and threw spears, but only after they saw the whites of my eyes. 
Translation: I was being lazy and didn't remove my pins. My needle hit one, broke, and went flying into my eye! No joke - this is a dangerous sport.
No I'm not always so accident prone. I just need to know when to stop. Hi, my name is Rebecca and I am a sewing addict.
Tell me about your sewing accidents. Don't leave me hanging!

In other news, I have been thinking lots about bias tape. Another sewista in the PDF Pattern Sales and Promotions group on facebook was just posting about what a PITA it was to make extra wide bias tape. I agree. My bias tape tools make only 1/2" and 1" wide tape. And trying to get everything ironed in evenly can just be tedious at times. So I thought I would share this great tutorial on bias tape from Melly Sews.
how to make and sew bias tape 
The tutorial also covers how to make a bias tape jig out of a cereal box. It's perfect if you need a wide, or nonstandard size tape! Melissa, I know I told you this on Facebook, but you rock!

If all you need is a standard 1/2" bias tape but don't want to have to go buy a tool from the store than visit The Scientific Seamstress. She has a bias tape maker that you can print on card stock here. Score!

And since we are beating around a "B" them on the blog, I'd like to link up some tutorials on blind hems. I found these on pinterest last night and thought I'd share. Booyah!

Another one from Melly Sews! She was a guest poster at Keeping it Simple Crafts.

And a couple more good ones from my pinterest page:

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