Sunday, May 12, 2013

Casual Lady top for a Cause

Happy Mother's Day to all you rockin' moms, grandma's, and caregivers. 
A quote from my husband today "Being a Father, with all of my heavy-handed and blind smashing of wisdom, I can truly appreciate the power of a woman as a Mother. They operate on wholly different levels than any other being, not relegated to only one time and space, but, rather, occupying a dimension all of their own that is not confined by the boundaries of any other entity. The compassion and empathy that they feel for, and with, their children is nothing less than amazing. To all the Mothers in my life, whether you be one of blood or marriage, near or far, I laud your perfection of purpose, your eternal, unmatched love, and the absolutely magical way in which you work it. No one on this planet could exist without you. Honestly, none of us would ever want to were we without you." -Kale Holmes


I made my beautiful mommy a Casual Lady Top from Go To Patterns for Mother's Day. All proceeds from the sale of this pattern go to support the She's Worth It campaign. In this way I was able to honor not only my mother but women everywhere.

I added some fun pintuck detailing in a starburst pattern to this top. 

Here's how I did it:
First, I started by cutting my bodice front pattern piece about 1/4" in from the fold. This made my pattern a 1/2" wider through the center to compensate for the pintucks. The back bodice piece is cut on the fold as the directions indicate. No need to widen the back.
Next, I marked where I wanted my pintucks with chalk.

Then I folded my fabric on the first line and ironed the fold. I sewed a 1/4' pintuck on the fold. 
I then repeated this step for next two lines. 
When the pintuck were all I sewn i ironed them down. 
The rest of the shirt was constructed according to the pattern directions.

What an easy peasy way to dress a basic shirt :)

I love you mom!

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