Sunday, May 5, 2013

Hosh Pants as capris!

Feliz Cinco de Mayo!

Today I have some super hot Hosh Pants that I made as capris to show you. The pattern is by Emmylou Bee Doo. I won it from a giveaway at Max California - another flippin' awesome blog you should check out! This post is for you :) You ladies rock!
If you haven't noticed, Hosh Pants have been popping up all over the internet. And for good reason: They are spectacular!

Check out these pink and tuxedo strip pairs by Max Califorina
Floral ones by Alida Makes
And these riding ones by Sew Very 
Some green ones by Boy, Oh Boy, Oh Boy 
Epic Hosh Pants on Go Make Shit by Casa Crafty
Another cute floral pair on Kitschy Koo
And of course the originals by Emmylou Bee Doo

These are a slim-fit toddler sized pants. Available from 12 month - 5T sizes. I made Keilana a size 5T using a stretch denim. Don't let the poochy crotch area in these pictures fool's just the way she is standing after she was jumping around in them. They are a great fit.

I wanted to do something a little different. So not only did I crop them to capri length, I also gave them a cute petal cuff. I lined the cuff with this damask print cotton and made a self-binding trim. That's right, the lining and the trim are all one piece! I love how it turned out and am hoping I will have a tutorial on how to do it soon.

Just look at those sweet cuffs!

Keilana picked out this rockin' "diva made" tag. She really wanted to show it off, so here it is :) LOL!

Here is some better detail on the tag.

Thanks for looking and keep watching for the self-bound petal cuff tutorial!

The tutorial is here!

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