Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Quick tip for sewing over multiple layers or bulky fabric

I have been working on the tutorial for the petal cuff capris posted earlier this week. At one point I was sewing over multiple layers of fabric and some elastic. there was a little bit of bulk. Well I have a quick tip here that I thought I'd share.

I you've ever sewn bulky layers before you know that your presser foot and feed dogs can throw a little tantrum with it. 

See how the presser foot is angled up over the fabrics? This can cause feeding issues, uneven stitches, and broken needles...not to mention frustrated mama! Easy fix.

I tend to just grab whatever scrap I have nearby. In this case, I grabbed elastic. Now throw it under the back of your presser foot and viola! Happy sewing machine, happy mama :) See how the presser is foot is at a nice flat angle now. You may have to fold you scrap piece over a few times to match the thickness of the fabrics you are sewing.

Oh, and while I'm at it I thought I'd share another tool I use.

Off to the right there. That is a magnetic seam allowance marker. This little guy sticks to my plate and helps me keep my seam allowance consistent and my top stitching straight. It's magical!

Action shot!
Hope this helps :)

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