Thursday, May 2, 2013

Knit Prefontaine Shorts - Ooga cuteness!

As promised, here is the Prefontaine Shorts made with knit fabric! The pattern calls for Woven fabric for the main part of the short. So when thatmoxiegirl asked if anyone would like to try the pattern in knits I jumped all over it. Rules be damned, right?

The pattern really lend itself nicely to knit fabric. It has a classic, comfy style...with a wonderful retro feel. I made a size 4 length with a size 3 width for my little booty girl. It gives her lots of freedom of movement. Which she gladly demonstrated when I asked her to show me the side.

I was chasing her all over the yard!

Finally, a side shot you can see pretty good. Thanks for distraction Nana and helping keep her still for more than a second. Notice the super cute "handmade" tag? Got this from my divas. Love you mamas ;)

These were made with this uber cute Ooga Booga interlock knit fabric. 
Oh, walking foot where have you been. It has been a while old friend. I have to confess I was cheating on you with woven fabrics.
Ahem, sorry you had to witness that. I found my love of knits with my walking foot. It is one of my favorite tools. That and my handy dandy twin needles! You can see them being used on the pocket line. It gives such a nice finish that will actually stretch...much like a cover stitch but without the need for a whole different machine.
If you are new to knits there is a whole bunch of great resources on the internet. Girl Charlee has a nice one here. Made has one here. Luvinthemommyhood has a round up of tutorials, tips, and tricks here. And Made by Rae has a whole series on it here. Can't forget Kitschy Koo who has the most amazing euro knits...and a cool tutorial for binding with knits. All right here.
Don't be afraid of the knits! Check out the above sites and if you still have questions I would be happy to answer them ;)

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