Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Hand Embroidery

I did some hand embroidery. Can you believe it? Me neither, but I am hooked! 
I scored some of this cute Timeless Treasures fabric. The color combo is so summery; they remind me of pink lemonade, or fruit sorbet. Yum! I wanted to use this fabric as a center piece on this adorable new dress pattern I am sewing up, but I found that there was no good focal point. So I decided to make a focal point by embroidering over the print. It is not bold, but it gives the fabric a little something special.

You may have guessed that this is my first time hand embroidering. Though my stitches aren't perfect I love how it turned out. And it is a lot easier than I thought ;) 

I found some great resources for hand embroidery online but I have to say that my favorite so far is Shiny Happy World. I found some great embroidery lessons with video tutorials there! Since I am a very visual person I found these videos extremely helpful. 
In the picture above I used a threaded backstitch, a stem stitch, and french knots! Not too shabby for a newbie like me. Another helpful lesson found at Shiny Happy World was how to start and stop your stitches with out tying a knot.
I will be doing more embroidery embellishments for sure!

Hang out with me for a while and I will reveal the entire dress! It's so yummy you won't want to miss it!

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