Saturday, June 22, 2013

The Provincial Top

Have you seen the super cute Provincial Top pattern by Terra's Treasures yet?
The pattern just released and can be found in Terra's Treasures Etsy Shop.

*Disclaimer: I was a tester for this pattern, but all opinions are my own. I do not receive compensation for sharing with you*

The top is so cute and really quick to sew up. The sizes run from 6m-10! It features on adorable peasant style neckline with lettuce edge hems and shirring at the neck and arms. There is an option for a two piece decorative front with buttons (no button holes required! They are simply decorative). That is the option I chose ;) It was the perfect opportunity for color blocking! Who doesn't just love color blocking, right?

If shirring and/or lettuce edge hems is new to you don't fret; the tutorial guides you through how to do the lettuce edge on a serger or a regular sewing machine as well as how to do the shirring.

Also, Seamingly Smitten has a nice tutorial on shirring here. If you have a sewing machine that requires you to adjust the bobbin tension in order to shir there are lots of tutorial out there to help. Here is one from Sewn Studio that I found helpful. The thing to remember about shirring is that it will appear more "shirred" after making a few rows AND it tightens up after steaming. Don't expect your first row to appear super tight.

For your lettuce edge on your serger you will want to make a rolled hem and slightly stretch your fabric as you sew. This tutorial from LBG Studio shows you how to set up your serger for a rolled hem. I use the same settings as in this tutorial except for the lower looper, which I set at 7 instead of 8. I find that my thread likes to break at 8.

These are just a couple tutes that I have found helpful but there is LOTS more out there if you need extra help. These techniques are really quick and easy to do once you know how to set your machines, I promise. And the results are fantastic!

 Don't forget to check out the new Provincial Top pattern! My daughter loves these top so much that wanted them on right away...and didn't want to take them off, not even for bed.

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