Saturday, June 8, 2013

Origami skirt

So in leiu of Flickr Feature Friday I'd like to share my skirt week submission.


I had big plans for skirt a half a dozen skirt ideas floating around in my head. Then illness struck and I barely made it in with one! C'est la vie.

There are so many adorable skirts in the children's category that I just couldn't stop looking. If you haven't checked them out yet you should! The children's category is here. You just might find a cute new tutorial or fun new blog to follow. I know I did.
Of course there are some great skirts in the adult categories too, but since I spend most of my time sewing for kids that is where spent most of my time looking too.

So for my submission I drafted up a skirt pattern that I am calling the Origami Skirt.

The Origami Skirt got its name from the folds used to create it. I started with a rectangle but after the folds were in place I had a 2/3 circle. I added a paper bag waist and a ruffle border.

Picking which photo to submit was torture! I think I am my own worst enemy on that though. My mind kept saying "the angle is better on this one...but the color is captured better on this one...but this one has better contrast...but...but." Here were some of the other possible you can be as tortured as I was ;)

 Honestly, this skirt just wasn't quite what I had envisioned. I like it all the same but I think I will keep working on the pattern. Now that the math part of the pattern is down I should be able to come up with some new versions fairly quickly. Stay tuned...more on that front coming soon.

Time for a little twisty dance!

 Or perhaps a ballerina? Check out the right hand...she's almost there!

 And just because I think she's cute...I don't know what she was doing in these, but cute anyways.

Okay, okay, now that I've overloaded you with pictures I can be done now. Thanks for looking!

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