Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Paper bag waist Bubble Pocket Shorts

I have another Bubble Pocket Shorts pattern flip; sewing along with the Flip this Pattern series at Frances Suzanne.
See my other Bubble Pocket Shorts pattern flip here.

Flip This Pattern 

Again I took advantage of the versatility of the classic style option to make a new creation.
I really love this one!


I added a little unicorn tag to the left pocket that matches the flowers colors in the sash. I think it gives it a nice handmade feel. 
Another modification was the pockets. I chose not to use elastic across the top. The material is a stretch twill and was perfect to make a flat band across the top of the pockets. Since it's stretchy the pockets open up well when needed :)


It was difficult to capture the beautiful purple color of the fabric. It's less blue in real life.
The shorts are even more cute on a body. I don't have modeling shots just yet but I will update this post when I do! If you are seeing this before the update please come back to see the modeling shots :)
***updated with modeling shots***


I am adding this too to the shorts on a line series from Imagine Gnats.

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