Saturday, July 13, 2013

Magic Gumdrop Bubble TUNIC!

I wasn't kidding when I said I already had the tunic version of the Magic Gumdrop Bubble Dress all ready to sew. See my first post about the Magic Gumdrop Bubble Dress here.
I had this tunic ready to wear the very next day...and, of course, she insisted on wearing it right away :)...

...And then again a few days later!

I almost think I like this tunic length even better than the dress length. It so bubbley!  

And guess what?! Candy Castle Patterns now has a Facebook group where you can show off your creations, join in on sew-a-longs, and find out about giveaways and discounts! Seriously, there is no reason not to join!...unless you can't stand CUTENESS! You can find the group here ;)
The first sew-a-long starts July 18th for the Bubblegum Dress...the pattern that made me fall in love with Candy Castle Patterns.

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