Thursday, July 18, 2013

Rainbow Chevron Roller Skate Dress

I am posting just in the nick of time to get this entered into July's Flip this Pattern contest from Frances Suzanne. Whew, that was close!...and a lot of work! But I am so very pleased with the result :)
Here is my rainbow chevron Roller Skate Dress!

I love this pattern in it's original form but, as I was planning how to flip it, it was screaming "twirl factor!" to me. What girl isn't a fan of the twirl factor? So I added some ;)
The sleeves were also flared out a bit to keep it consistent.

And, of course, there is the rainbow chevron. Oh, the rainbow chevron! I have been wanting to do this for so long and I felt like this pattern was a great canvas for it. The chevron is pieced...with quarter square triangles. I am a big fan of quilt work but have honestly done only minimal pieces myself. So these chevrons were a bit of work for me. But I'd say they were definitely worth the payoff.

 I added a faux collar with piping. I love how this ties in with the chevron strip.

Then there is this pretty embroidered fabric I used for the main dress.

Check out the attitude!

I may pull together a tutorial for how I made this. So if you like it, stay and hang out for a while :)

Keilana thinks it's number one! ;)
What do you think?

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