Sunday, July 21, 2013

Sneak Peak: Origami fan skirt + piping technique

I thought I would sneak in one more project for Kids Clothes Week Summer 2013

Here is my origami fan skirt!
A full tutorial will be on Welcome to the Mouse House on Wednesday so this is just a sneak peak.
If you haven't discovered the Mouse House yet then head on over now. You will want to follow this blog; she has everything from crafts to sewing, and more...and you wouldn't want to miss my guest post ;)

I would also like to share a joining technique for piping. 

First, cut your piping a little bit longer (about 1 inch should be sufficient) than your project. You should have an overlap of piping where you will join the two ends. Pick the seam of your piping back to reveal the cording inside. Cut your cording back so that when matched up with your other end of piping the two ends butt right up against each other (no overlap).

Next, fold the end of the bias tape back about 1/2". I put a little glue on the end of my cording to keep it from fraying.

Now align your cording end to end with the folded end of bias tape overlapping your cut end. The purple splotch in the photo is a dab of washable glue stick I use to help hold everything in place until it is sewn. The glue stick is also handy as a 'basting' tool.

Now fold the bias tape tighly around your cut raw edge and pin. Voila! You can barely see where the bias tape was joined. Baste your piping in place and sew as normal.

Tada! Pretty neat trick, right? I hope you found it helpful!
Oh, and, I apologize for all the loose thread ends in these pictures. I promise I cut them before sewing ;)

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