Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The Magic Gumdrop Bubble Dress

Candy Castle Patterns has released another CUTE pattern; The Magic Gumdrop Bubble Dress & Tunic! Oh how I love thee Candy Castle Patterns. They are all simply adorable! Swoon!

I want to share something, as a mom and blogger, before I tell you about this lovely dress. My daughter was bitten all over by mosquitoes; two just above her right eye. Her eye swelled up like crazy! It looks better now, but I still had this thought that I should wait to take pictures of her in this dress. I thought, "There is no way I am going to be able to edit that out"  and the pictures wouldn't look as good. But then I realized the err of my thinking here. I can't tell her I still think she is beautiful but then not want to show it. This is nature and sometimes this stuff happens. So I decided to show her beautiful face (and dress!), swollen eye and imperfections, in all it's glory. After all I am raising a child here, not a fashion model!

Okay, now back the dress! :)

 This sleeveless dress features a lettuce edge ruffle around the faux wrap neckline and a super cute bubble skirt.
It is made with knit fabrics. I used red cotton interlock for the trim and Magic Garden cotton interlock for the main dress. You may have seen me use this fabric recently on another project but the print was just perfect. It has fairies, and unicorns, mice, flowers, mushrooms, and hearts in the print. And though these things have nothing to do with the story of the magic gumdrop tree that inspired the name of this dress they are still pretty magical things ;)

I love this dress so much that I already have another one cut out, but in tunic length this time!
 The pattern sews up quickly so expect to see the tunic length up on the blog soon. I think the tunic length looks a bit like a bubble peplum (swoon!). 
 (UPDATE: see the tunic length version I made here!)
You can check out Candy Castle Patterns' Facebook page to see other tester pictures, including a tunic length version. They are all so cute; what is not to love!
 And what is even better is that the pattern is being offered at an introductory price of just $5!!! Use code GUMDROP at checkout ;) That's a deal! Don't miss out!

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