Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Study Hall Jacket

The Study Hall Jacket was just released as part of the Pattern Anthology Alphabet Collection. It was designed by Andrea Panell of Go To Patterns and The Train To Crazy. Her patterns are spectacular, so I was beyond excited to be able to test this one.

My outer fabric is a Carlie Rocket boardshort fabric that was purchased from The Fabric Fairy. I have been holding on to for a while. It just really wanted to be used for this jacket because it was calling my name. 
Does anyone else ever feel that? You could have a dozen other fabric that would work for a project but you feel a pull towards one in particular, even if it wouldn't generally be your first choice? This is that.
I think the fabric works well with the retro feel of the pattern, at least with the options I chose. To me, this style feels a bit like a letterman's jacket; very retro, and perfect for the back to school theme.  :)

Jonas, on the other hand, was full of 'tude. He loved the jacket, he just didn't want to stand there to get pictures taken. Okay, I am going with it!

The pattern comes with an awesome, very detailed tutorial that takes you through each step.

The fit on this jacket is great. The arm length is right at Jo's wrist and the body length is at mid hip. It has a nice ease so it's perfect for an active child.


There is lots of options with this pattern, so let's look at some of the details.

The Study Hall Jacket features raglan sleeves and a zippered front.

Notice my "handmade" rocket tag inside? It is the perfect place to add a size tag too. My kids complain when I put size tags in the neckline because it itches. Placing it a little lower puts it under the shirt line where it won't rub an their skin.

The front pockets are a welt pocket. Andrea walks you through step-by-step to make these much easier than you'd think. You can also choose to add a ruffle at the opening; a look that I love and will definitely be used when I make one for Keilana!

The collar can be made with rib knit, with a ruffle, or a hood. I chose rib knit for my boy of course, but again the ruffle option is super adorable. If you haven't seen the ruffle options yet check out the blue one Adrea made in the collection's collage. It's not super frilly; it's just right for the modern girl.

On the left shoulder is a zippered pocket. This pocket can be placed just about anywhere you'd like. The pattern leaves it up to you where you would like it to be. It is the perfect little pocket for lunch money...or small toys and trinkets...rocks...four leaf clover...or any of those little things your child carries around.

The cuffs and bottom band can be made with rib knit or using your outer fabric and elastic.
It is all very customizable, which is exactly what I like.

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