Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The Norah Dress

I just couldn't wait to show you my Norah Dress!

This is the super awesome debut pattern from Mouse House Creations, and I am one of the very lucky testers!

The Norah Dress pattern is not even released yet, but I just couldn't hold back all this cuteness! So, with Hayley's approval, I am here to give you a sneak peek at the soon to be released pattern!

The Norah Dress pattern is a very classic style with a modern design. It's main feature is an A-line but from there SO many options are possible.

For the dress seen here I made the dress with long sleeves and a collar with ties. But there are so many other options! I am counting atleast five different collar variations alone. You can make it without a collar; with a collar (no ties); with a collar and ties; with a collar, ties, and cincher; or with a collar and cincher (no ties). Each variation is So, So cute i it's own way! 

It is definitely something to smile about; because there is more! This pattern also has the option to make a tunic or dress length. And the sleeves can be made in a half sleeve, long sleeve, or a sleeveless. 

We are welcoming fall here in southern Oregon, and Keilana was having fun playing in the leaves. This dress is perfect for layering up or using as a stand alone garment in warmer weather. I made this one with a twill fabric for the main dress. It is little bit heavier than standard quilting cottons. I have also made this pattern in knits and can't wait to show you it. I think the pattern lends itself nicely to a wide range of fabrics. 
Oh, and I can't forget to mention that the collar is made from Patty Young's Textured Basics collection. It is the Cool Dots. :)

The pattern is due to release next week! If you don't already follow Welcome to the Mouse House then head over there now. You won't want to miss all the awesomeness coming!

Thanks for stopping by! :)

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