Sunday, October 20, 2013

Headband Scarf - free pattern and tutorial

Today I am sharing a fun and quick little project. It is a definite essential for all the fashionable little ladies; a headband scarf. It can be made with just one fat quarter. And best of all the pattern and tutorial is free! 

***The pattern is available for download here.***
It includes fabric requirements and written instructions. For the picture tutorial follow along below.

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*Update: Check out the dress here!

Child Size

Headband Scarf 

 *all seam allowances are 3/8”*
Materials required
1/4 yard fabric or fat quarter                  sewing machine
matching thread                                      scissors
6 inches of elastic (1/2” -1” wide)         chalk or marker to trace pattern

Printing and Cutting
1. Print pattern pieces at 100% (no scaling). Cut pattern pieces as marked. Tape together
upper tie and lower tie pieces at red dashed line.

2. Cut 2 headband pieces from fabric on fold. Cut 4 tie pieces from fabric; two of these
should be mirror images of the other two.

*tip: Finger pressing your headband pieces on the center fold will make it easier to align centers when ready to sew and will easily iron out.*

Optional piping: Align raw edge of piping along long raw edges of headband. Taper piping out at ends. Baste close to piping.

1. Align one short end of tie with one short end of headband with right sides together
(RST). Pin and stitch. Repeat for other end of same headband piece.

2. Now for the other side, align one short end of tie with one short end of tie RST. Pin and
BASTE. Repeat for other end of same headband piece.

3. Press seams toward headband on both sides of each piece.

4. Lay one headband piece over the top of the other with RST and align all edges. Pin in

5. Sew around entire headband leaving a 2” opening along one straight edge as marked.
*make sure to back stitch at beginning and end*

6. Clip corners. Turn right side out through the opening, pushing corners out.

7. Press well, folding edges of opening in.

8. Topstitch 1/8” from edge around entire headband.

9. Remove basting stitches along inside short edge (from step 2).
*tip: If you can't remember which side was basted put one thumb on each side of seam. Push thumbs out away from seam putting just a little stress on the seam. You should now be able to see your stitches. Your basting stitches will be farther apart on the side you basted.*

10. Insert one end of elastic into each opening, creating a continuous circle with headband,
and pin.

11. Topstitch back and forth across elastic (1/4” from opening) to secure.

*tip: I recommend leaving one side of the elastic basted and trying it on your child before securing. Then you can easily adjust elastic to fit your child properly.*

*Optionally, you may create a casing for your elastic. To do this you will cut a rectangle
from fabric that is double your elastic width plus seam allowance by 9” long. Sew long
raw edges with RST. Turn tube right side out and thread elastic through. When sewing
into headband align end of elastic with raw short edge of fabric casing on both sides.
All done! Hooray!

And, because children have a myriad of emotions...

And I love everyone of them!!! <3

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