Monday, October 21, 2013

The Sunki becomes a modern Go Go Girl Dress

So...I may have been a bit inspired by the Era Challenge on Project Sewn.

For my Sunki Dress pattern flip I incorporated 60's inspired details.

I have created a sort of modern Go Go Girl dress. *Love*
And, of course, who can have a 60's inspired dress without a wide headband scarf? For more details on the headband, and a free pattern and tutorial, see my post here.  ;)

This dress was SO fun to create! 
I started with this retro inspired floral print. Then I busted out some of my vintage notions. The zipper has a copyright date of 1963. I couldn't find a date on the piping but did you see the price printed on the label? 19 cents! Man, how things have changed!

The zipper was perfect...except for the metal teeth. So an exposed zipper it became! I attached it much like you would an invisible zipper, but in reverse. This way the metal teeth don't touch the skin. It also gave my retro dress a modern touch.

The piping was used along the side panel/ pocket, along the neckline, and on the headband.

For the pattern modifications I did away with the lapped shoulders and gave the dress a nice boatneck.

I made 3/4 sleeves with a slight bell. The pleated shoulders were a must keep though!

I also gave the pockets a little gathering and added a little flair to the skirt.

And, because who can resist dancing in a dress like this?...

 Just for fun :)

Flip This Pattern

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